Welcome to Bike Authority

Performance through Design may seem like an odd slogan for a company that doesn't actually design anything.  Yet the Bike Authority premise is incredibly simple, help cyclists improve their performance through technically superior products. Whether that superiority comes from the design, manufacturing, materials or a combination of all three we aim to match your needs with the best items on the market.  In some ways it's a little like the marginal gains philosophy employed by Sky and other pro teams. 


A quick note on performance, it's not just about speed. Sure, speed is one aspect but we consider anything that improves your enjoyment of cycling or helps you achieve your goals as a performance upgrade. So whether it is comfort you are after, losing a few grams to off the bike or you want to maximise your bike's aerodynamics you are in the right place for advice.   


Driven by a love of cycling, and what some people would call an unhealthy obsession with cycling kit, we aim to use our knowledge, understanding of design and expertise to improve your bike and make sure you maximise every possible purchase.


Have a look through the site to get an understanding of the areas we think we can help with, then get in touch when you are ready.

Performance through Design